Uit het logboek van PD5L
Ik stel Jörg aan jullie voor, ik sprak hem jaren geleden op 20 meter. Ik heb Jörg de eerste keer persoonlijk ontmoet op een radiomeeting in België dat was in 1993. Jaren later in 2016 heb ik Jörg in Friedrichshafen weer ontmoet. De meesten kennen hem als president van de FT4 en FT8 Digital Mode Club.

Who are you and what is your callsign?
I am Jörg Engelbrecht, I am known as “Jo” on the bands and my callsign is OE6VIE

How did you become interested in amateur radio?
My first touch with HF was 1977 in Germany, when I was a 11 years old boy, first I used legal CB radios but got more interested in DX so soon bought an SSB Transceiver, Linear and a beam…. I got in trouble with the radio police a few times, so it was time to learn for the amateur radio license.

Since when did you get your license?
I got my first license in 1995

What is your favorite mode and band?
Well my favorite band is 6m and my favorite mode is CW.

What equipment do you use?
Hmm, I own a few transceivers old and new but my main transceiver is an ICOM IC-756PROIII. For HF I am using a Hustler 4-BTV with homemade 12/17m add-ons and 60/80m radiators. On 6m I only use a HB9CV but with great results from my QTH 900m asl. My linear amplifier is an ACOM 700S. On 2m I use an ICOM IC-7400 and a Big Wheel, for portable operations I use the YAESU FT-710.

Do you use a computer in your shack and what do you use it for?
I need a PC for Logging and to work digital modes.

Do you attend events related to the radio hobby?
Yes, I have been a few times at the HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen, BURABU in Budapest, INTERRADIO in Hannover and of course local events within Austria.

Do you do self-build and what do you build?
I built a few LFA Yagies for 2,4 and 6m and many verticals for the lowbands.

What was your most memorable contact?
My most memorable contact was with IRØISS, ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano from the ISS.

Do you have any goals or challenges with amateur radio?
The main goal was the 10 Band DXCC which I received long time ago, 6m is still always a challenge to work new DXCC, and since we are allowed to use the 60m band you can find me very often there to hunt for new DXCC.

Do you have hobbies and interests outside of amateur radio?
Difficult to say because most other hobbies are related with HAM radio like designing QSLs, Logos and awards but I like cooking 😉